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Disable And drop triggers in Sql Server

Dropping a Trigger

The syntax for dropping a trigger differs by trigger type (DML or DDL). The syntax for dropping a DML trigger is as follows:

DROP TRIGGER trigger_name [ ,...n ]

In the case of both DDL and DML syntax statements, the [ ,...n ] syntax block indicates that more than one trigger can be dropped at the same time.
This example demonstrates dropping a DML and a DDL trigger:

Drop a DML trigger

DROP TRIGGER dbo.trg_i_TestTriggerOrder

Drop multiple DML triggers

DROP TRIGGER dbo.trg_i_TestTriggerOrder2, dbo.trg_i_TestTriggerOrder3

Drop a DDL trigger


How It Works

In this recipe, DML and DDL triggers were explicitly dropped using the DROP TRIGGER command. You will also drop all DML triggers when you drop the table or view that they are bound to. You can also remove multiple triggers in the same DROP command if each of the triggers were created using the same ON clause.

Disable Trigger

Sometimes triggers must be disabled if they are causing problems that you need to troubleshoot, or if you need to import or recover data that shouldn’t fire the trigger. In this recipe, I demonstrate how to disable a trigger from firing using the new SQL Server 2005 DISABLE TRIGGER command, as well as The syntax for DISABLE TRIGGER is as follows:

DISABLE TRIGGER [ schema . ] trigger_name
ON { object_name | DATABASE | SERVER }

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